• R.E.E.L Talks

    R.E.E.L Talks for Real Solutions

    Red Tree Theatre

    2/160-162 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah NSW 2259

  • What we are trying to achieve

    Building on the success of last years Sustainable showcase event, the CCSA is expanding into two educational events to foster continual improvement in building a more resilient and sustainable community. This event has a series of 6 expert speakers providing insight from their lives on How the future can be cleaner and more prosperous for everyone.


    The aim of the R.E.E.L talks is to illuminate leaders who are are taking important steps to building a more sustainable future be it a focus on improvements for Social, Environmental and Economic facets of our community . Without all three a future can not be truly sustainable.


    Walking away from the event, we expect that everyone will be inspired for the change that is happening in not only technological change, but changes in how we manage our lives and lifestyles.


    The Speakers have all been tasked to ensure that all science and scientific claims are supportable, there is no apparent political agenda and there is to be a positive takeaway.

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