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CCSA Monthly Meeting in May

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Stabilised Pavements of Australia hosted our May monthly meeting, and it was fantastic! 

Stabilised Pavements of Australia (SPA) gave an overview of their operations and business model, as well as a case study from a recent project they completed. SPA is confined to current regulations which are ultra conservative when utilising recycled materials but new technologies at SPA allow for much more efficient and effective recycling of existing road surfaces in situ!

The case study presented by SPA on a major road replacement in Canberra saw the project delivered in just 6 of the 26 weeks originally scheduled. In addition to saving time, it was completed at half the original cost and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 61% when compared with conventional technologies. When multiplying these savings across all appropriate road projects Australia wide, billions of dollars, hours of time and tonnes of CO2 will be saved overall!

 “It’s not often you see a sustainability story with such huge - real - triple bottom line benefits as SPA achieves with their road recycling technology” ~ Bruce Cottrill, Chairman CCSA. 

A case study that is well worth exploring with the video to be uploaded to our YouTube channel soon.

We also disscuessed the upcoming Showcase, talking event and latest project the CCSA is doing. To get information about them, keep an eye out on our instagram page 

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