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Plate to Paddock is closing the loop on food waste in many different ways - feeding chickens is just one of them.

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Local cafes and Early Learning Centres are having their food waste collected and fed to chickens. People are increasingly keen to know where food comes from and where it goes. Kids on the Central Coast are no exception.

“I love animals and I love the soil. A project like this is ticking all the right boxes for me. Helping to make things happen for businesses that are practical and fun is what I am all about. Its making sustainability a reality”

- Elisabeth Blik WildBlueGlobal - sustainability consultancy

There are many opportunities for food waste. If no longer fit for human consumption, straight to animals is the next best option. This is more cost effective for the business, better for the community, and much better for the environment in all sorts of ways.

Farm visits by staff and children has resulted in high engagement and a lot of enthusiasm about the project. Children especially love following the journey of food. They are very excited to go and visit the chickens where they learn all about cycles and the value of looking after our land and resources wisely.

Families and staff also have the opportunity to 'adopt a chook' where the farm looks after the chook on their behalf, they receive eggs and are invited to open days.

If you want to learn more and get involved then contact

Watch the video on the Plate to Paddock Movement.

Elisabeth Blik is a founding member of the Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA).

A group of local like minded businesses working together to build a sustainable community.

A Sustainability Showcase is planned for September where you can learn more about 'Plate to Paddock' and other innovative sustainable projects happening on the Central Coast.

Contact CCSA to find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

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