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Proposal to CC Council

We were invited by Central Coast council to attend an economic development strategy workshop. Dennis Silvers attended.

In a previous CCSC committee meeting we had determined that a significant sustainability threat to our region was through a future downturn in the construction sector, which has already begun, According to economy ID on the Central Coast:

  1. 1/10 people are directly employed in construction sector (13,500 people)
  2. 24% of the businesses are engaged in construction work
  3. A high percentage of manufacturing businesses and many retail businesses supply or service the construction sector

The downturn is likely to have very serious impacts to income and employment and the Central Coast economy.

During the workshop Dennis put forward a proposal to develop a showcase of CC Construction/ related Businesses in Newcastle and Sydney as a reference point for consumers, architects and designers.

Since the workshop, the Project team have identified a 3 pronged approach to better develop this project:

  1. Improve Employment opportunities on the CCoast through identifying and encouraging more non construction businesses to be based on the coast. Step 1, Survey Estate Agents, Industrial developers, Council and business owners who have recently made the move to the coast to identify what works well and what doesn't.
  2. Identify and support sustainable construction related businesses through promotion and identifying non traditional opportunities for them to adopt.
  3. Identify and Support new business opportunities for adoption by existing business or as startups.

We are looking to make this a Project and progress it quickly before we lose too many businesses and apprentices. If you know anyone who would be interested in developing the Employment Cluster Project around this Project contact Chris Haddrill 0432934127.

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