I've Got the Power

Benefit from owning your own renewable energy generation.

We are in the final stages of providing a process that will enable CCSA partners to take control of there  own power usage and reduce their energy risk. We are doing this by partnering with a major energy retailer which will enable you to connect to renewal enegry, without needing to attach the technology to your house/work place.

The project stemmed from Franicis's talk last year at the showcase, and the project has been modled on his research. To find out more about Franics work, watch the video below! 

Through this new technology and process you will be able to access renewable energy and reduce your energy costs while actually owning a part of the generating asset.

This means you get more control of energy costs and you can turn a cost centre (energy) into an asset with an inherint value that will continue to provide you with an income for years to come..

We will review your current energy consumption profile and recommend the best solution for your business.

We are renewable energy agnostic and are initially looking at establishing, or adding to an existing solar farm, we are also exploring options for potential local energy generation through harnessing wave power or ocean currents.

An information pack will be released shortly for business and individuals to become part of this energy revolution.

Anyone interested in assisting to develop this project should get in touch with Chris on 0432934127.

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