Fruit Pulp to condiments

Margaret (member) developed a range of condiments and vinegars from Agrana Fruit processing by products

· Past Project


A local food processor, Agrana, presented to the cluster the opportunity to find a better use for a commercial quantity of fruit pulp, flavours and sugars that was being disposed of through soil injection in local Orchards


As a by product of processing fruits for use in Yogurts and pastries Agrana was paying approximately $60k per year to dispose of approximately 700 Tonnes of materials that cost $3/kg to purchase. Barbara Elkins, a member who joined the group to pursue another project, took some waste and cooked up a range of products including Berry and other Vinegars plus a mixed fruit spread,

Project Milestones.

  1. Identify appropriate by product, capture properties and authority to re-work and sell
  2. Proptype products and gauge market acceptance at Farmers Markets and sympathetic retailers
  3. Develop marketing plan to gauge market size, price points, potential sales channels
  4. Raise Capital for Commercial Trial and establish JV/ Company
  5. Source Commercial Kitchen, trial Commercial Run, Analysis of contents
  6. Raise Capital to allow to make Beachhead market Sales
  7. Develop Marketing Materials, source packaging and sales channels make trial sales
  8. Raise Capital to Start Production, expand Sales


  • Agrana
  • Barbara Elkins
  • CCSC

Progress report July 2018.

Milestones 1-3 have been completed.

Milestone four has commenced with JV discussions having been held with multiple Social Enterprises who needed to raise funding and allocate space to commence the trial production. A key issue still to be addressed before proceeding further was the QC of the relevant byproduct stream and end products that requires accredited testing. This has fed into the development of a Food Industry Cluster on the coast, which has since raised nearly $400k for a Collaborative Research Centre to be operated out of UON Ourimbah campus to explore this type of opportunity.

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