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Learn how the Mil-tek team upcycled and transformed their showroom using reusable and upcycled material.

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The Danish waste management company

Mil-tek Waste Solutions has invested in a new impressive upcycled showroom on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

“It’s important to me that we practice what we preach. We sell sustainable waste solutions and advocate for the environment every day, so to me

there is no alternative to being sustainable regarding our own business developments. Plus, it looks fantastic.”

Jesper Hjortkjaer

Anyone wanting to reduce their waste costs and footprint should be working with Mil-tek to optimise their waste streams for efficient and cost-effective recycling.

Mil-tek’s Jason Campbell is a founding member of the Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA). The Association is a group of local like minded businesses that work together to build a sustainable community.

Jesper Hjortkjaer , the owner of Mil-tek Waste Solutions in New South Wales and Victoria, isn’t a

stranger to upcycling/recycling DIY projects. The idea behind the new showroom , and the reason for going above and beyond, is to lead by example, and at the same time open Mil-tek’s doors to the Central Coast business community.

A new life was given to old furniture that was destined for landfill , this included some from curb side collection and the transformation of old pallets into desks. However, the statement pieces, like the 4-meter recycled hardwood table in the meeting room, and the barn-style doors, were provided by Bib’n Brace, also a fellow founding member of CCSA.

Contact CCSA to find out more about our work on the Central Coast and how you can get involved.

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