Closing the loop - recycling timber

Bib 'n Brace make doors and furniture from timber that would otherwise go to landfill

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Bib’n Brace, a manufacturer of doors and furniture from timber that would otherwise be going to waste from demolition sites has closed the loop. Now recycling its waste by sending its timber waste to DR Henderson who manufacture particle board from that waste which Bib’n Brace then use to make more recycled timber products at a reduced cost and with greater dimensional stability than they were able to achieve with solid timber.

“We save local timber that's now used and used again, expanding the trees life to create solid and beautiful doors & furniture. Our aim is to capture as much of this valuable resource as possible in order to prevent needless waste "

- Bruce Cottrill Managing director of Bib 'n Brace

Timber is a renewable resource with an inherent value. Most tree’s ready for harvest are worth a little over $100 each to the forest owner, but when logged, dried and processed into timber or fibre are worth from $230/Tonne as wood chip to $1000/Tonne as sawn timber or raw chipboard.

Somewhere in that range is a sweet spot where waste timber recovery cost is lower than new timber processing. DR Henderson, an Australian manufacturer of timber board products have been working for 30 years to develop that sweet spot and are recovering as much “waste” timber as they can process to include in their particleboard products.

Bruce Cotterill is a founding member of the Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA).

A group of local like minded people working together to build a sustainable community.

Contact CCSA to find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

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