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WildBlueGlobal are approved waste assessors to deliver the Bin Trim program. This provides businesses with free waste assessments and direction and support to help them recycle better. An assessment also opens the opportunity to apply for a rebate (up to $50,000) for equipment to help facilitate this process.

“ I like seeing entrepreneurial and innovative solutions get off the ground when there's a good business case. It takes guts to kick something off and get going, so I like to see this rewarded and supported wherever possible”

Elisabeth Blik WildBlueGlobal - sustainability consultancy

In the last round of Bin Trim many local businesses were able to take advantage of this program. WildBlueGlobal secured about $200,000 worth of rebates for businesses as well as pointing them in the direction of other government assistance to the value of over $300,000. Bin Trim is a Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

One of recipients was Coast and Valley Oil (Berkley Vale) who recycle oil. Oil filter cartridges are a real problem for many mechanics. Installation of a process to separate metal, oil and paper components is almost complete. Through significant investment of their own, they will soon be able to accept used oil filters which previously could only be sent to specific landfills.

Similarly, The Good Bits Food Co in Gosford have managed to halve their waste going to landfill. By better recycling awareness and practices, as well as finding an outlet for their spent grinds and food waste, their waste skip is more than half its previous weight. And staff have really got on board with their sustainability initiatives, making for a great working environment.

Elisabeth Blik is a founding member of the Central Coast Sustainability Association (CCSA).

A group of local like minded businesses working together to build a sustainable community.

Contact CCSA to find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

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