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  • Through the thoughtful application of existing technologies and practices, an extraordinary sustainable future is possible within the next 20 years. We work together to identify, educate and develop projects that will provide a healthier more prosperous and sustainable future for our children, grandchildren and the environment in which they will live.


    "Alone we achieve little, together we can achieve so much."

    Helen Keller

    About Us


    Founded as an initiative of the NSW Department of Heritage and Environment and Central Coast Industry Connect to develop a cluster of businesses actively seeking to improve their sustainability, and the sustainability of the community as a whole. The Association rapidly grew to include manufacturers, builders, developers, retailers, local government and social enterprises, all keen to contribute resources to projects that sustainably enhance the region.


    Businesses, big or small, often work in isolation to make their business more sustainable. The Central Coast Sustainability Association was created so that like minded businesses or individuals can work together to build a more sustainable region not only for our children, but grandchildren as well.


    You can collaborate with like minded local businesses to develop practical strategies, identify opportunities and prioritise focus areas. Hence, we don't have members, we have Partners and Associates working together to :

    • Reduce waste and improve profitability.
    • Engage, support and educate the local community to continually improve.
    • Make the most of our local businesses support network, equipment and resources.

    In order to provide real outcomes and work effectively we will:

    • Identify and aggregate resources that are currently being wasted. Not limiting ourselves to material waste.
    • Convert different waste streams to new opportunities and uses, which reduces costs, creates business and employment opportunity while improving profitability.
    • Promote Partners and projects that achieve sustainable outcomes.
    • Develop a culture of continual improvement through community education, highlighting the great work our Partners and others are doing in making our region a better place.
    • Support  projects through dedicated staff and funding to achieve goals greater than can be achieved as individuals.
  • Current Projects

    A brief overview of our current projects

    Sustainability Showcase

    postponed till March 2023

    A showcase of sustainable businesses and ideas including workshops to discuss sustainability issues to be held at Mingara in March 2023.


    Progress: Venue has been booked, exhibitor information is completed and exhibitor booking has begun.


    For more information check out the showcases website or call Freya on 0418223162


    Or check out the blog!

    Reel Talks

    6th May 2022

    A series of Ted like talks with 6 speakers sharing their experience and vision experience on working towards an extraordinary sustainable future to be held at Red Tree Theatre in Tuggerah.


    Progress: Expect to be releasing talk details by early April 2021


    Project details are available to partners and sponsors through the partners only page.


    For more information check out the website or call Maxine on 0448008675


    Or check out the blog

    Dollar and Planet Price 

    A tool for SME’s to measure and benchmark metrics to improve sustainability outcomes. Being included in Jazoodle app as a start with interest from Xero once we have a working model.



    1. Coding expected to be completed and ready for review late September 2021 for release early 2022.
    2. Coding Completed, Undergoing Beta testing. February 20222

    Project details are available to partners and sponsors through the partners only page.


    If interested in becoming involved in this project, contact Andrew on 0413828114


    For full run down on this project check out the blog!

    Sustainable Construction

    Establish an education centre for consumers on sustainable construction issues including developing a peer reviewed accreditation of sustainable, responsible suppliers and contractors in the construction sector. The focus of most sustainable construction rating systems is on products and assumed component outcomes. This accreditation is to focus on service standards and workmanship to make possible a consumers confidence in a whole of build sustainable outcome, from site management through to refurbishment or demolition.


    1. Conducting market research expect business model proposal. December 2021
    2. Identified 3 key areas of focus: March 2022
      1. Improved standards; provide community with website as central repository for information on building standards in particular new Green star rating for housing
      2. Develop a criteria for differentiating builders and associated trades that work to consistently higher than normal industry standards that ultimately decrease maintenance needs and increase building life.
      3. Develop an owners advocacy service with deep trade experience that can represent the owners needs on the building site. Fulfilling the function that was historically known as the clerk of Works
    3. Website;  working on content. March 2022
    4. 'Master "Builder Criteria; Engaged Industry Association for feedback. March 2022


    If interested in becoming involved in this project, contact Chris on 0432934127


    Project details are available to partners and sponsors through the partners only page.


    For full run down on this project check out the blog!

    Zero food to landfill

    The food waste committee works with industry and individuals passionate about not wasting nutrients and moisture to reduce food waste wherever possible.

    Progress: Ongoing support of Plate to Paddock initiatives and Diary waste composting collaboration.


    If interested in becoming involved in this project, contact Elizabeth on 0457121707.


    Project details are available to Partners and sponsors through the partners only page.


    For full run down on this project check out the blog!

    Net Zero 2050

    We feel there is a need to focus the community support for living in a Net zero Community by 2050 so will attempt to develop a roadmap that includes the necessary opportunities and threats in a manageable timeline. This should then provide an opportunity for the community to engage with ideas in a non partisan forum driven by locals for locals.


    1. Published 2020 REEL talks to set inspiring context for what is being done locally, expanding education in 2022 with more talks and showcase. August 2021
    2. Researched existing models for communities to net Zero. Identified clearest model as written by Saul Griffiths in his new book: The big switch. See https://www.rewiringaustralia.org. Feb 2022
    3. Key project to electrify everything is electrifying vehicles. Sourcing and installing Charging stations becomes a big priority. Have put together a sub committee to develop this. Feb 2022

    If interested in becoming involved in this project, contact Bruce on 0418823023.


    Project details are available to members and sponsors through the members only page.


    For full run down on this project check out the blog!

    Biostyrene and vegan leather

    There is a manufacturing opportunity to develop an alternative to polystyrene or indeed leather through conversion of agricultural or industrial fibrous waste. All timber waste but Medium Density Fibreboard can be recycled into gorgeous new timber products, chipboard or mulch there is a significant volume of MDF that goes to landfill every year. The CC boasts some of the largest manufacturers and users of MDF (some of whom are members) plus has an innovative packaging manufacturer (Phoenix Packaging) for end use. The CCSA is developing a business case for establishing a bio recycling centre for creating mycelium based products similar to those developed by ecovative design in the USA.


    1. Contacted Ecovative re R&D and manufacturing licensing . Feb 2022
    2. Contacted Biofab in NZ for supply of products in meantime. Feb 2022
    3. Contacted AMGA for appropriate industry experts. March 2022

    If interested in becoming involved in this project, contact Marc on 0432158333.


    Project details are available to members and sponsors through the members only page.


    For full run down on this project check out the blog!

  • Executive Committee

    Bruce Cottrill

    Managing Director - Bib' n Brace

    Bruce's business, Bib'n Brace, was established to remanufacture waste materials into new valuable products. Starting with timber waste, Bib'n Brace is developing a range of Architectural products that are more durable and attractive than virgin material alternatives.


    "If a tree takes 80 years to reach maturity for harvest, the very least we can do is use the timber it supplies for another 80 years " - Bruce Cottrill, Discussing what inspired him to start Bib'n Brace


    Chris Haddrill

    Managing Director - Risk and Safety Solutions

    Risk and Safety Solutions provides WHS, Quality and Environmentally sustainable solutions for a wide range of industries developing leading practice integrated management systems that are customised to the clients needs and user experience.

    Maxine Cottrill

    Central Coast Sustainability association General Manager

    Maxine has been working with the association for a few years now, being an active and driving force of our events committee. Maxine has also been focused on creating a fun and casual approach to the association for anyone interested in joining.


    Taking her customer service experience from her time working as a sales consultant for Toyota, Maxine has a keen eye and dedication to customer service.


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